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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Fashion Blogger Personal Style: ASOS, Forever 21,
ASOS sweater, Boohoo necklace, Boohoo leggings, Forever 21 shoes, ASOS bag

Fun fact. I have slightly unnatural obsession with vampires. So, you can imagine my utter excitement and joy when I came across this sweater while browsing ASOS. I quickly clicked add to cart although, truth be told, it sat in my shopping cart for a few days while I decided if this was a really a was a decision. After contemplating the pros and cons, I deduced that "checkout" was the only option and so I did.
Now the same cannot be said for these uber rad shoes that I picked up from Forever 21. When I first saw the original Chloe boots I vowed that if I ever saw a "inspired-by" version I would quickly snap them up and that's exactly what I did. No hesitation.

Fashion Blogger Personal Style: ASOS, Forever 21,