DIY Time: Knee Patch Jeans

Thursday, January 12, 2012

So we all know that elbow patches are a thing right now but why should we leave our other joints out of the fun. Our knees want some loving too. They too want to be covered with patchy goodness. If you agree you should scroll on down and see how we can fix this problem.

All you need is a pair of your old jeans,

a pair of even older jeans from which you will cut patches out of, a needle and some thread. If you don't have those lying around well I guess your out of luck.

Then you need to try on your jeans and put a mark where your knees are, and cut patches from your old pair of jeans so that they are wide enough to go from seam to seam with a bit of overhang. 

Sew your patches on making sure to fold over the edges that touch the seam of your pants.

Then you're done!

If sewing really isn't your thing you can buy a similar style of jeans here, here and here.