Gift Ideas for the Fashion-Forward Female

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The holidays are just around the corner and already people are hunting for the perfect gift for that special someone. I mean, I assume that's what's happening. Most likely, like every other year, the malls are going to be jam-packed on Christmas eve with procrastinating shoppers who waited until the last minute to get their gifts. Gifts that will probably end up being returned (shh you didn't hear see that). Luckily I'm here to save you from all that grief with a gift guide for the fashion-forward female in your life, whether she is your mother, daughter, girlfriend, imaginary friend, or yourself.  And look! I made a budget-friendly list. So go on get shopping.

Under $100

Gifts Ideas Under $100

1. Asos watch $63
4. Topshop snood $56 
5. Asos clutch $81

UNDER $300